Our Disbility Room


Songa Mbele na Masomo, is an initiative of the Sisters of Mercy, an informal education centre that caters for the needs of children who are physically and intellectually disabled. 

We assist children from the Mukuru slums in South B just a few kilometres from the capital Nairobi. We help children who live with Austism, Hyperactivity, Speech impairments, Cerebral Palsy and Learning disabilities such as Dyslexia. The physical challanges range from amputations to deafness and blindness. 


Added to the intellectual and physical disabilities are the social and emotional dimensions that results from living in extreme poverty.  


Some of these challenges cause children to drop out of school into informal business of collecting scrap metal and plastic debris for sale popularly known as "kuchemba".  We endeavour to enhance their capacity through education in order to achieve sustainable development in society.


Songa is committed to the development of children by offering basic primary level of education.