Songa Mbele appreciates the generosity of many local people from Nairobi as well as around the world.  If you would like to volunteer your professional services for a short or long period of time please send us your application.


Case Study: 

My name is Mark Howard and I came to Songa Mbele from Ireland to do some volunteering work as a member of the Irish charity organisation called Africa Direct. I had done some volunteering work with children in the past but never with children with disabilities, therefore this was very new to me. 

       However after a week of working here I felt as if I have been friends with the people here for a very long time because they were very quick and open to accept me. This made the work a lot easier and fun.

                         The work I have been involved in with the children with disabilties includes minding them, playing games with them and helping them to eat their food when it is lunch time. With the children who do not have disabilities I have helped some of them with their English work and I have done a few art exercises with them.

                   All of this has been reallly rewarding and it has been a lot of fun as well. I would advise anybody who is looking to do some volunteering work to consider working here, it has been a great experience. I know that this will not be the last time I work here. 



A number of secondary students come to Nairobi each year to share their time and gifts with our children.  This interaction provides advantages all round.  Many of them will admit that they receive far more from our children that they could ever give.  The exchange of smiles, culture and fun leaves a lasting impression.  The result is a positive environment for all to learn and develop.


Education can unlock so many doors in life.  We have just had a visit from the students from Mater Dei College in Western Australia.  Here is a little of what they share with us on their return.​