Latest Projects



The New Disability Unit was offially opened on 10th February, 2015 and this was one of the major achievement of 2014 since it was a key focus for 2014. The building funded by Africa Direct and Electric AID Ireland as the main donors is now operational and serving 35 special children.  The permanent Unit has a large learning space, a therapy room for physiotherapy and occupational therapy, resting room for both boys and girls, washrooms with hot showers and an office. This facility has improved the learning environment since its child friendly compared to the renovated sea containers whcih were used before. Also, the Centre will be able to meet the need area from within and from the community with examples of having more special equipment for therapy and learning area, employing a full time occupational therapist to support the volunteers who helps on part time basis. 




Presently, we are discussing the possibility of creating an outdoor playground area that will be furnished with specialist equipment that will help with the physical strengthening of the childrens' muscles.