2014/2015 re-integration to other institutions

On the exist list from 2014 team, the Centre managed to re-integrate 23 children to mainstream institutions and others to vocational Centres. The children undergoes normal interviews in mainstream schools and institutions around which are our networking partners, they are admitted upon qualifying thus giving room for meeting the needs for other children to be admitted.


eRko Slovakia representative from Europe and Nairobi support office visited the Centre during monitoring and Evaluation with staff from SEP (Special Education Professional) who are also, partners of Songa Mbele na Masomo on special education. For 3 years, eRko/DKA has supported the Centre in meeting the needs of the project and still commited to future support.

They met with the staff, children and some of the parents who gave the success stories seen in their children and how their lives has transformed.

Newly Established Board of Management

In order to run our center in the most efficient and transparent way possible we have recently established a board of management to oversee the running of our center. The board has eleven members and have already made a huge impact.

We wish the board all the best and thank them for their great work.

Blessing of the New Special Unit...

The New special unit building was blessed by the parish priest during it's official openning. With the spacious space for therapy, learning, rest room and wash rooms, its very exiciting when providing quality services and interesting for the children.

Parent partcipation

The parents and support staff participates in trainings and workshops regularly conducted at the Centre with other partners and stakeholders. These helps in stregthening the relationship and development of programs.

In these meetings, issues concerning the children in the centre and the community are addressed and shared together.

Latest Donations

With lots of appreciation we are glad to note that during December and at the begining of the year, we received donations in kind from friends, partners and well wishers raging from food stuffs, clothes, stationaries, detergents, furniture, medical items among others for our children.

This is A BIG THANK YOU !!! on behalf of the centre as it has supported to boost the centre budget.