How to help

Songa Mbele na Masomo is an Informal Education Centre situated in the Mukuru Slum.  The Centre caters for disadvantaged children from the South B area in Nairobi. The needs of disabled children are great.  You can help by volunteering at the Centre or by sending a donation to assist us with the day to day needs.

Unique Centre

Songa Mbele na Masomo is the only one of its kind in the Mukuru Slums.  An initiative of the Sisters of Mercy, the Centre has been operational since 2010.  Education is the key that can unlock many situations for people with disabilities and is an important necessity to improve the quality of life for those who live in poverty.  In the slums we frequently see scores of young children not attending school for a variety of reasons.  Our coaching unit attempts to reintegrate these children back into a formal school.  It provides them with small group and one on one tuition to ensure that when they return to formal schools that they will not be disadvantage.

Visitors to the Centre

We are fortunate at Songa to have a number of secondary school students come and spend some time with our children.  Students from Western Australia, Ireland and Spain.  In 2014 we hope to provide further specialists programs for our children.


Outdoor education provides further stiumulation and strength conditioning for the children's muscules and coordination.   We hope that by the end of 2014 we will have a purpose built outdoor playground area.